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How to be a Convivialist


Pernod Ricard

Convivialité is a mode of living that helps us make new connections and open up to shared human experiences in our hyper-connected world

It is the magic of shared moments and the joy of discovering connections with other humans. You have the opportunity to make a difference by disconnecting from the digital world and spending time with those that mean the most to you.

How much time can you commit to becoming a Convivialist today? Could you spare us a minute or two to spread the word and encourage more conviviality in your world?

Here’s what you can do…

1. Be inspired

The research indicates we’ve lost sight of our conviviality, yet we still recognise its importance. Conviviality sparks new friendships, creates memorable moments and forges bonds – it’s an all-encompassing human experience.

To be inspired to bring more conviviality into your life, watch The Power of Convivialité to hear why 15 Convivialists from around the world have made it their priority!

The Power of Convivialité

"What is life? Really it is the pursuit of happiness. And Conviviality is the magic that makes all of that happen." Neo

2. Share on social

Do you have a little more time? Help us spread the Power of Conviviality across the globe.  Share these snippets of research statistics, or the individual stories of our Convivialists. To show your true colors as a Convivialist choose something that speaks to you and share it with the world!

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said the digital world means they meet friends in person less

OpinionWay research for Pernod Ricard



believe conviviality contributes to well-being

OpinionWay research for Pernod Ricard


3. Share the moment

To take the next step to embrace the heart of conviviality make spending more time with those that mean the most to you a priority! Nothing could be easier to do, but if you need a little help check out our 4 step guide. Most importantly, don’t forget your camera to immortalize those moments!

Share those precious convivial moments with the world! #BeAConvivialist, tag us @PernodRicard on your pictures to be featured our photo feed.

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