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Meet the convivialists


Pernod Ricard

Meet the stars of the Power of Convivialité film as each of them shares with us their own definition of conviviality.

Our convivialists share with us how making genuine connections with people brings meaning to their lives.Their insight truly illustrates that our founder Paul Ricard’s mantra, Make a new friend everyday, still holds true today.

Aida, Berlin

“Once I get to make the first connection with somebody, I want to know who they are. Sometimes you find yourself talking about things that can be very profound and sometimes about how to grow tomatoes out of a windowsill.” Aida

Alice, New York

“I think, by human weakness, it will be too irresistible to replace the complexities of human relationships with the easy robots and machines that are designed to serve us.” Alice

Anna, Dublin

“If you want to be good at pool, You play a better player. So when you have good talented people around you, it just inspires you.” Anna

Augustin, Arandas

"We're a small but very close-knit team, it is a unique and wonderful relationship. Time flies. We have good times. It's like a second family. It makes us happy. We enjoy working." Augustin

Arjo, Goa

“When are you the happiest? When you're partying.When you're having a great time with your buddies,and that's the most important thing in life, to be happy.” Arjo

Cécile, Marseille

“A successful evening is one where you're happy to be together, when you forget everything,you live in the present and you appreciate just the fact of being together.” Cecile

Cindy, Goa

“I love the energy of this wedding. It's a get-together of amazing people. Everyone really feels strongly for the friend that we've come for. You meet new people and everybody feels the same about this one person.” Cindy

Issac, New York

“What moves me is repeat customers. After couple times of meeting someone for the first time, and then they come back and then they actually, not just coming back but actually becoming a friend.” Issac

Julia, Berlin

“7 years ago I knew nobody in Berlin. I didn't even speak German. And now everybody here knows me and I know everybody. And that is...thanks to the dinners, to sharing, to these conversations, I no longer feel lonely.” Julia

Martin, Shanghai

“The social networks, Facebook, Instagram, are very time-consuming. We always communicate better when we are face to face. People have trouble communicating directly because of social networks and telephones.” Martin

Mauricio , Tulum

“Those moments you spend with your friends, with your family, living together, sharing, help you learn more about yourself. It's when you have the chance to re-tell your story, to re-think, to re-live it, and learn from it once again.” Mauricio

Neo, Johannesburg

“We are the sum of the people we connect with. Finding myself now and again in Soweto and visiting my old friends, it's just a way of being authentic.” Neo

Nicelle, New Orleans

When everyone is getting around the table I like people to be really comfortable. I like them to let down their hair, their guard, to be relaxed, to be themselves.” Nicelle

Piwai, Johannesburg

“When those magical moments happen is when we really know that as an individual you exist,and you feel that people really acknowledge you. These moments do make my life better.” Piwai

Rob, New York

“Being at the bar is just kind of keeping me in touch with a way to relax, a way to socialise, a way to clear my thoughts of the stress. I like to come here because I know that I'm going to see familiar faces.” Rob